Opportunities, Reaching Out, and Giving Back


Opportunities and Events

At Triangle, we strive to better ourselves and our community as a whole. With this in mind, we actively communicate with our alumni network and hold bi-yearly events to provide our members, both active and alumni, an opportunity to meet other generations and network within their fields. Our connection with our alumni helps everyone grow and provides career and professional advancement opportunities for all.

Reaching Out

To reach out and join our Alumni Network, please fill out the following form (Insert Google Form to Collect Basic Info - through EVP drive). Your information will allow the active chapter and alumni organization to reach out for future event dates, email lists, newsletters, and other important information regarding the status of the Illinois Chapter of Triangle.

The Capital Campaign

Here's the latest update on the renovation capital campaign!

Giving Back

To connect with members seeking careers and/or internship opportunities, please join the Illinois Triangle Facebook group! We are looking for alumni to help foster personal growth and professional success as mentors and alumni advisors! Additionally, donations will always be greatly appreciated by the active chapter and can be discussed with our treasurer reaching out to [email protected]

Illinois Triangle Facebook Group